Mobile Missions Maintenance South Africa

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If your ministry, NGO crèche or any other faith based organization is considering a buying a property or embarking on  major building,  renovation or upgrade on your premises then we would like to hear from you. As we would like to assist you with your project so that you can start in the correct and finish well.  We do not do all of the work but we do try and connect you with the correct professionals and expertise to ensure you only have to do your project once.

Please note that we do try and provide our time without charge to you and we do ask that if you can assist with travel and accommodation costs while we are on site it would be appreciated but would not exclude us trying to assist you and your ministry.

When you request assistance be aware that MMM South Africa Trust does not assist with the provision of finance or materials for projects.  We do however try and assist with the appropriate tools for you to raise the finance and to look for the appropriate materials.

If you would like us to contact yo then please take the time to complete the form below and we will be in contact in due course.

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